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whatmusic.com presents drummer Matti Oiling's special wizardry on 'Happy Jazz Band' from 1970. Backed by an innovative all-finnish combo featuring reeds, guitar and african finger piano, 'HJB' mixes backbeat funk with groovy jazz improvisation - and more!
  • Features Paroni 'Baron' Paakkunainen & Nono Soderberg
  • Includes 'Baron's Beat' & 'Oiling Boiling'
  • Reissued on vinyl for the 1st time in 32 years
  • 24-bit SBM digital remastering

Check the 30 second clips from the album...

The whatmusic.com interview...

Can you imagine a lathe-hand who does lathing in his time off? Or a brick-layer who lays bricks for relaxation after his day's work? Hard to picture, isn't it? But I do know a number of professional musicians who relax by making music after a hard and sometimes quite exhausting session at the studio. But the difference lies in what you play in your leisure time. The musicians performing on this record have found a musical form that brings satisfaction and variation and gives them the chance to experiment and to create something new and still untried. That's real work therapy.

Matti Oiling - a first-class drummer - has gathered around him a number of fellow musicians whose vision and musical comprehension are harmonious and whose ways of thinking run parallel. They are all musicians of the young generation, to whom pop music and jazz music are equally close and whose artistic resources provide them with an opportunity of blending these musical elements. And when they want to make music, the music they make is pervaded by a sense of cheerfulness and humour.

You'll really enjoy this LP. Matti Oiling's solo - something he cooked up himself - is called "Oiling Boiling". The recipe, with spices, is provided by Matti himself. The "sound" idea is produced on a Lesley accessory.
Paroni Paakkunainen's soaring imagination is a triumph. His musical skill, uninhibited and humour-imbued, is full of surprises and a wicked Mephistophelean laughter pops up in his performances. Among his many instruments is the Bengal flute - featured in the piece by that same name. He has an impressive range of musical color.
Matti Bergström - apart from his Fender bass - introduces his Bascello, which lends its very "different" sound to the item entitled "Stratosphere Inspiration".
Nono Söderberg performs his solo "3/8 Of Nono" on his 1-Watt guitar amplifier - not to save the ears of the rest of the group but just to produce the right instrumental color.
Tuomo Tanska - organist, pianist and arranger - also appears on this disc as a composer. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is his musical vision of a classic work.

Thanks to this record I have spent a very rewarding forty-five minutes - and listening to it, one can only feel a gluttonous delight in its surprising and revitalizing musical ideas. Pop and jazz fans will find something that distinguishes this LP record from other LPs - a terrific dose of happy music.

Ossi Runne, Conductor, Finnish Broadcasting Company TV 1

24-bit digital re-mastering: Mika Jussila / Finnvox Studios

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