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whatmusic.com presents 'Zumba 5', another rare nugget from the Musidisc vaults! Ultra-modern jazzy vibes covering classics by Mereilles, Milt Jackson & the Beatles. Boss jazz bossa!
  • First ever worldwide release!
  • Tracks include hard bossa 'Quintessência', a cool 'Bluesology' & an out there 'A Hard Day's Night'!
  • Exclusive new liner translation

Check the 30 second clips from the album...

The whatmusic.com interview...

The early sixties in Brasil were perhaps the most fertile period for musical development in the country's history. Music become a phenomenon amongst young people in a way that is has never been before or since. Virtually every teenager carried a violão to parties to impress the girls with and you couldn't be taken seriously as an architecture student or a young lawyer unless you partook of a night-time career as a budding bossa musician. Legion were the trios, groups and conjuntos formed in these early days of the bossa wave. The majority of them never got beyond a few gigs at faculty parties but, every now and again, a group would be formed that was so good that the record companies would take a chance on putting them through their paces in the studio. Zumba 5 was one such group. Formed by five young men - none of whom are really known as musicians to this day but who presented a maturity beyond their years.

Let's go back to 1964 to the original liner notes:
Ernesto (guitar) - Ernesto Ribeiro Gonçalves, Carioca, born 26th July 1945. Began his musical studies in 1954, later dedicated himself solely to the acoustic guitar, under the tutelage of maestro Oswaldo Soares. Ernesto is also a bassist and belonged to a number of groups taking part in shows of modern music and also on some recordings. His plans for the future include continuing his studies and music research. As well as being a player on this LP, he is also featured as arranger.

Fernando (vibraphone) - Fernando Jorge Semi Maxnuk, also Carioca, born 23rd November 1942. From a young age he showed musical talent, beginning with the piano, an instrument he played for a long time. For the last four years he's dedicated himself to the vibes listening mostly to Milt Jackson, Gary Burton, Bobby Hutcherson and others. He was part of the show, RIO, BOSSA E BALANÇO, with Leny Andrade, as part of the Mario Castro Neves Quartet. For two years he's been playing with Maestro Chiquinho do Acordeon's group. He is also responsible for the quintet's rehearsal programme as well as some of the arrangements.

Ivan (piano) - Ivan Botticelli, born in Rio de Janeiro on the 3rd April 1945, descendent of the famous Italian painter Sandro dei Fillipepi Botticelli. He began his musical studies at a very young age and, completing a course of accordion studies, progressed to the piano. A key player in live shows and modern music groups, with his deep knowledge of classical music (his favourite composer is Bach) he brings a true musicality to add to the great success this record will undoubtedly have.

Annibál (bass) - Annibál Ribeiro Gonçalves, born in Rio on 15th April 1947. His interest in the double bass is profound despite the fact that he dedicated his early studies to the acoustic guitar. Studious and dedicated to his instrument, his professor is Renato Sbragia. In the future it's his intention to play with a symphony orchestra, following in the footsteps of his teacher… At the moment he accompanies the growth of modern Brasilian music side by side with the best in the business.

Antônio Carlos (drums) - Antônio Carlos Leite, Carioca, born Rio 2nd May 1942. Born with an innate musical ability he began his studies in percussion at a very young age with the well known professor and musician Paulo Magalhães (Paulinho). He was another participant in the show RIO, BALANÇO E BOSSA, also with the Mario Castro Neves Quartet. Currently a member of the group of Chiquinho de Acordeon, in whose opinion Antônio Carlos ranks as one of the best instrumentalists in Brasil; an important element which adds to the great results of this recording.

This album unites all that is improvisational and spontaneous within the simplicity and technique of Musica Moderna Brasileira.

It was a team effort, brought together after few rehearsals, in which the main preoccupation was to allow individual creativity. We selected everything from the repertoire to the arrangements - even the back cover! I believe that this has never been done before!

It would be useless to point out because it's already well demonstrated that only the most modern and advanced technology was used in this recording alongside an unrivalled technical crew.

Our satisfaction and thanks are truly great for those who fully understood us, and with this understanding, collaborated to give our music the greatest possible record release.

Thank you, Musidisc!


Remastered from the original tapes by Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master Rio de Janeiro January 2002

Special thanks to Durval Ferreira, Ary and Nilo Sergio & all the members of Zumba Cinco

© 2002 whatmusic.com

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