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whatmusic.com presents ‘Cheiro Verde’, the 1977 MPB indie classic from flautist Danilo Caymmi & friends, featuring members of Vox Populi plus Milton Nascimento sidemen!
  • Tracks include club track ‘Mineiro’ & groovy ‘Codajás’ & ‘Aperta Outro’!
  • Features Airto & Milton Nascimento
  • Exclusive new liner notes by Ana Terra Caymmi
  • First ever worldwide release!

Check the 30 second clips from the album...

The whatmusic.com interview...

green fingers!

In 1977 it appeared to outsiders that brazilian music was king in Brazil. But, for many of even the most gifted (and well-known) artists, there was no legitimate outlet for unfettered creativity that did not rely on the multinational record companies. With incredibly few exceptions the independent labels that had existed in the 50s and 60s (Todamerica, Musidisc, Mocambo, Equipe amongst others) were virtually defunct by 1970, thereby stifling the introduction of radical new music and ways of promotion and distribution. First on the block was Antonio Adolfo with his Artezanal ‘Home Made’ series. Inspired by Adolfo’s lead, Ana Terra Caymmi decided that whatever Artezanal could do, she could too. Armed with the desire not to be defeated, Ana Terra rounded up many of the best musicians in Rio along with a few surprise guests, to help her then-husband, composer and flautist Danilo Caymmi, youngest scion of the legendary Bahian family, create this first classic solo album.

Here is Ana’s story in her own words…

“It was with great surprise and much happiness that I learned from Durval Ferreira that Whatmusic.com wanted to reissue ‘Cheiro Verde’ in England. This record has always had a great significance for me because it marked an historic moment in Brazil – the emergence of MPB-A, or Musica Popular Brasileira Alternativa, a term coined at the time by the music journalist Tarik de Souza in the Jornal do Brasil.

“In those days, I was married to Danilo, was a lyricist by trade, and living alongside the great Dorival Caymmi and that whole musicians’ world, I didn’t understand why they didn’t all reach a huge market in their own country. Little by little I came to understand that beyond the obvious military dictatorship, there was a less obvious musical dictatorship governed by the multinational record companies and worse still, personified by a cultural colonisation that impeded our numerous talented artists from flowering and maturing as they might have done. I can’t say that I was exactly graced with a gift for music. But, with the obstinacy of the poets and knowing that Antonio Adolfo had released his own independent LP, ‘Feito Em Casa’, I sought him out for his advice. With his customary generosity he taught me the ‘A to Z’ of independent production and I convinced Danilo that it was possible for me to become producer, PR-person, distributor and ‘girl Friday’ for ‘Cheiro Verde’. It was really great to work with such talented musicians and the marvellous surprises such as the day when Bituca, as we called Milton Nascimento, came by to visit us and brought along Airto Moreira, who was in Brazil. The two of them guested on the album and we felt really humbled by the love and dedication of all of the people who got involved in the project. Many other artists followed with their own independent productions and from today’s perspective I really regret that we didn’t try harder to create a production company and distributor for brazilian independents in order to get some quality music into the marketplace.

“Today, 25 years later, our daughter Juliana, who at the time of ‘Cheiro Verde’ was still a toddler learning to walk, has inherited the Caymmi family musical genes, but like many composers and singers in my country, both young and old, she is still unable to stand on her own two feet in her profession because the country is still dominated by the trash culture that in the 70s we tried to sweep away. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful due to general lack of political organisation.

“For many reasons I am so happy to see this record reissued and I want to reiterate the words I wrote on the back cover of ‘Cheiro Verde’ upon its original release. ‘We dedicate this album to all those who helped us to force open the gates with their hands, with their heads and principally with their hearts.’”

Um grande abraço

Ana Terra

Produced by Ana Terra
Artistic Direction by Ana Terra & Danilo Caymmi
Engineered by Toninho Barbosa
Cover: Loca & Jorge Vianna
Photos: Loca

Also dedicated to:
The presence of Antonio Adolfo
The absence of Tenório Jr.

CEDAR processing by Sean ‘Big P’ Pennycook, London
Remastered by Luigi Hoffer at Digital Mastering Solutions Rio de Janeiro July 2002

Special thanks to Ana Terra, Danilo Caymmi, Toninho & Durval Ferreira.

© 2002 whatmusic.com
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